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Dear guest:
To represent your eminent status and career success, we sincerely invite you to join VIP club of Jiang Xi Hotel!

Benefit & Privileges:
1. Rooms: VIP can reserve all kinds of rooms at Jiangxi Hotel at preferential prices.
2. Food & Beverage: enjoy 15% discount for J.M.Y Buffet, enjoy 15% discount for Gan Xian Qing Restaurant and Rui Xiang Ge Restaurant (fresh seafood, special offer dishes, cigarette, drinks are not included, and the discount does not apply for group meal, wedding )
3. Entertainment: enjoy 30% discount in Xing Yun coffee Lounge, enjoy 15% discount for one time or measured card at swimming pool (swimming pool is opening in summer only). Enjoy 40% discount for one time or measured card at the gym. Enjoy 50% discount at afternoon and 40% discount in the evening at Shen Tao Sha Teahouse.
4. Others: Enjoy 15% discount for meeting room, 15% discount for laundry, 10% discount for car wash or vehicle maintenance at the Di Long Car Services. On his or her birthday, VIP will receive birthday greeting card and gift in hotel. VIP can attend club members’ activity planned by hotel and more special offers which will be promoted soon.
5. Extra exclusives: VIP can enjoy extra double favorable activity integral ( In the golden card valid time if the consumption exceed RMB 8000, VIP will get a reward of business queen size bed room or business double bed room at free, plus 2 tickets for buffet dinner. The rest can be done in the same manner.)

Jiang Xi hotel reserves the explanation of the above text. If you have any questions, please call to VIP commissioner assistant manager of Jiang Xi hotel, phone number 0791-6206858.

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