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Add:368 Bayi Avenue, Nanchang, Jiangxi

Zip Code:330006


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Hello! Adhering to the fine tradition of 50 years, the intention of the staff of the whole museum is the ultimate. In order to demonstrate your outstanding status and successful career, Sincerely invite you to join the Jiangxi Hotel VIP Club to share the feast of honor.

Gold card validity period:

1, housing exclusive: VIPs can limit the number of times for others to book or personally stay in various rooms in Jiangxi Hotel, enjoy the gold card price discount policy

2, restaurant exclusive: make the United States Court cafeteria can enjoy a discount of 25 % counter price; Jiangxi xiangqing Chinese restaurant and ninth floor banquet hall can enjoy 20 % discount. (This discount does not include live fresh, special dishes, cigarettes, drinks; Not suitable for group meals, weddings and large banquets. ))

3, entertainment exclusive: Xingyun coffee lounge consumption can enjoy a 70 % discount; Pool can enjoy package card or single 20 % discount; (Pool Summer Open) Fitness gym can enjoy a bag card or a single 60 % discount; Sentosa Hall or box consumption can enjoy a 50 % discount in the afternoon and a 60 % discount in the evening;

4, other exclusive: meeting room can enjoy a 20 % discount; Laundry service can enjoy 8 5 discount; The car wash or maintenance of the car wash in the hotel can enjoy a 10 % discount; Guests staying at the hotel on their birthday day can receive a birthday wish and a birthday gift; VIP guests can participate in the hotel's planned member activities and more promotion of the upcoming discount activities;

5, extra exclusive: VIP can enjoy extra points double discount activities. (Additional business queen or business double room one night, two self-service dinner vouchers and so on for $8,000 or more during the validity period)

The above exclusive right of interpretation is in the Jiangxi Hotel. If you have any questions, please call the VIP Commissioner-the deputy manager of the Jiangxi Hotel, contact: 0791-86206858.

Gold card envelope:

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