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Add:368 Bayi Avenue, Nanchang, Jiangxi

Zip Code:330006



Jiangxi China International Travel Service Limited is the China International Travel Service Group Executive Director. It is also the only network member of brigade Express Travel Service Network Alliance ( TSNI )  in Jiangxi Province and well-known for its long history, excellent service and good reputation.

  The business of Jiangxi China International Travel Service is to receive  foreign tourists,domestic tourists, operate franchised service of Chinese citizens abroad tourism,run the business travel and the international, domestic convention business, book tickets and hotel.

With 40 years of international tourism reception history, Jiangxi China International Travel Service Limited has accumulated rich experience in tourism business management and cultivated a batch of high-quality management. It has a number of departments as domestic tourism center, outbound tourism center, inbound tourism center and dispatch center, moreover, it has a well-trained team of guides proficient in English, French, Japanese, German, and Korean. 

The purpose of the company:   The supremacy of the guests 

                              The credibility of the first

The company spirit:  Safety 、 Honesty  、High  Quality 、 High integrity

The company slogan: Build first-class enterprises

                    Create first-class performance  

                    Cultivate first-class staff

                    Set up first-class image

Add:368 August 1st Ave,Nangchang 330006,P.R.China


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