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Jiangxi Travel House Hotel Investment Management Co., Ltd. is a business enterprise invested and established by Jiangxi Hotel(the first five-star hotel in Jiangxi Province). The company focuses on investment management and economic hotels, and concurrently operates investment consulting and business consulting in the hotel industry., technical consulting, etc.. It will devote itself to the chain development of economical hotels through acquisition, leasing and joining, and gradually realize the specialization of brand management and the network of management.

Supu, the home of the brigade, is the first economical hotel managed by the company. It is located on the prime section of Supu Road in downtown Nanchang. It is adjacent to Bayi Park to the West, Zhongshan Road to the South, Youmin Temple to the North, and Zhude to the North. The old residence is adjacent to Bayi Square in the East and there are many restaurants and entertainment venues around. Convenient transportation is the first choice for guest business and tourism.

The store has a total of 57 luxury standard rooms, general standard rooms, and business single rooms. A new room is equipped with 24-hour cold and hot water, air-conditioning, and holistic bathrooms. Satellite TVs, free broadband, computers and telephones are installed. Facilities; The main service desk located on the first floor hall provides reception, information, business, storage, booking and other services; There is a dedicated parking lot for your convenience; The cafeteria also allows guests to enjoy a free breakfast of science and rich varieties; Let each guest who stays can enjoy the high quality service, the warmth of home at the high value discount price.

Tel.: +86 -791 -86236788 +86 -791 -86206079

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Website: Http://www.jxh.com

Address: 153 Supu Road, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province

Zip Code: 33008

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